Who am eye? by DeeJay Collie

Who am eye?

I am everything you see, yet nothing you’ve ever seen before. I am the forgotten histories that you

drown in your ever inflating egos. I am everything you know, everything you have been taught, yet

nothing you are aware of. I am everything you put down, that currently possesses all that you attempt

to be in your immediate future.

Eye is what I see, work, success, patience, preservation, appreciation, demise on the account of laziness,

destruction based upon greed and impatience. Eye is proof of depreciation because of false premise.

I am the dream the world over yearns and throws away like useless material. Covering regrets, every

mans’ treasure becomes an everyday waste of time. Perfections squandered in abundance, doomed to

ever be recycled because the everyday mind only re-recycles fashions and lies on innovation. Slander,

blasphemy! What are we to do?

Look at me because I the eye has a mouth too!

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posted : Sunday, January 29th, 2012

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